Agilium chooses Tuleap Entreprise for distributed agile planning


Founded in 2003, Agilium’s purpose is to empower organisations and people by offering them the effectiveness of technology.

The company is present worldwide since its creation. Agilium solutions are crafted to meet specific needs such as structuring, monitoring or managing processes.

Agilium mission : Provide you with the technical solution to answer your business view.


With a distributed organisation Agilium needed an alternative to the post-its board they used to organise their work. Agilium wanted a flexible solution to facilitate the agile planning for all the team members.


  • Get a hosted Tuleap Entreprise package
  • Configure the scrum template hierarchy to match Agilium needs
  • Use the agile dashboard scrum feature to plan and organise work


  • Better coordination between distributed team members (12 people and 25 programs)
  • Better vision of work in progress and achievements
  • Facilitated reporting
  • Backlog with easy search and prioritisation
  • Burndown Chart
  • Distributed standup facilitates team collaboration and has everyone in sync

Tips after 1 year of experience

  • “In hindsight we would have taken an initial training. It would have streamlined and facilitated the configuration and adoption process” said Patrick Emin CEO
  • Setup in each office location a touchscreen with the cardwall constantly visible.

Some tips to improve your Tuleap usage and configuration

Agilium website:

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