At Orange, Tuleap demonstrates its ROI from years

Orange is one of the largest operators of mobile and internet services in Europe and Africa and a global leader in corporate telecommunication services. Orange and its subsidiaries are using Tuleap Enterprise from several years for designing and developing innovative projects and maintaining products.

Laurence TERRIEN, Lead of the Configuration Management activity at Orange and Olivier BILLARD, Senior Architect at Orange Business Services, informed the TuleapCon attendees about their Tuleap usage.

Tuleap at Orange in a nutshell

  • One Tuleap instance accessible from multi-sites + one Tuleap server for QA
  • 17 000 accounts. 4 200 active people per month. +10% users/year
  • 6 000 projects hosted. 2 500 active projects. +15% projects/year
  • Most used tools: Tuleap trackers, Git with fast growing usage, Subversion, Scrum and Kanban usage increasing, wikis and delivery manager


Testimonial of Laurence TERRIEN, Lead of the Configuration Management


Testimonial of Olivier BILLARD, Senior Architect

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How great is the challenge of creating economic value for a company with a libre software. I enjoy this! It encourages me to think business and communication in a disruptive way. I believe in the core value of FLOSS and agile spirit: open minded listening, transparency and co-creation. I'm Marketing Manager at Enalean.

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