Back to the Digital Week in Quebec

« What happened in Quebec, stays in Québec » ??

Of course not! This quote works only for Vegas and we are going to share this amazing freezing week with you!

the Digital Week in Québec, in partnership with the “Office Franco-Québecois pour la jeunesse”.

A week full of talks, meetings, Canadian culture, visits and food!

Web à Québec

From April 6th to 8th , Manuel and Laurent participated to “Web à Quebec”, the most important Francophone Digital event in North America.

A big opportunity to discover new technologies and trends in Marketing and Communication, development, & design.

“Neuromarketing applied to the web” was also an interesting conference, not only for Marketing but for a personal experience too. The aim is to know how in six steps people are convinced to buy a brand. A great experience to test on your own habits.

During Web in Quebec, Manuel gave a conference with Savoir-Faire Linux (SFL) about Automation and Application Lifecycle Management, an opportunity to share the good practices in Software Development with Tuleap.

To finish this week in the Maple Syrup World, Obeo and Enalean have been invited by The Canadian Space Agency, a luck to be back in the childhood and see the famous Canadarm.


Now, let’s see some pictures to remember this amazing week!

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