Quick feedback on EclipseCon & ALM Connect 2013

Last week, Laurent and I were at Boston, for our first EclipseCon. It was a busy week, mix of sessions, tutorials and of course rehearsal together with Domenico from Ericsson for our talk. I focused my own program on software engineering talks, stating by a Git/Gerrit Monday to dive into internals. I took the opportunity to discuss with Gerrit core developers to better understand the…

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Third milestone of the Mylyn connector for Tuleap

These are news about Mylyn connector for Tuleap. Thanks to St├ęphane B├ęgaudeau blogpost from Obeo, for sharing with us the progress of the work. The third milestone of the Mylyn connector for Tuleap has been released last week. In this new version, Obeo has mainly worked on Mylyn Context integration, support for attachments and queries. As seen before, you start by configuring your Mylyn repository…

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Mylyn connector For Tuleap

We are glad to announce we have just started to work on a Mylyn connector for Tuleap. For people outside Eclipse world, Mylyn is the task manager integrated in Eclipse suite. We aims to bring Tuleap trackers content right inside Eclipse IDE for developers. This development will be mostly done by Obéo, the only French company Eclipse strategic member. Most of the developments will be…

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