A Debian package for Tuleap soon

Raphaël Hertzog, an active contributor to the Debian project since 1997, will help us to have a debian package for Tuleap in the incoming months. The first mission of Raphaël is to package Tuleap “as of RHEL/Centos” (more or less the same packages) and to let things settle down for future improvements. There is quite a challenge for developers because it means that we will…

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Here is Tuleap 5.0!

We are proud to share with you Tuleap 5.0, the result of the hard work after one year of development. Tuleap 5.0 is a stable release with great features for enterprise ALM solution. We would like to thank community members and customers for the contributions. As always, you’re encouraged to tell us what you think. What’s new? Major highlights New generation of tracker system Agile…

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