Comparison – Jira VS Tuleap / Alternative Jira

Customers and leads often ask us about ALM software Tuleap vs competition. Jira by Atlassian is one them. Below are some of the main features and benefits our customers’ development teams consider when comparing Tuleap with Jira. But Tuleap is not just an alternative Jira. One important thing they particularly appreciate in Tuleap is that it is an all-in-one tool, providing issue tracking but even more. This means you do not need additional tools.


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How great is the challenge of creating economic value for a company with a libre software. I enjoy this! It encourages me to think business and communication in a disruptive way. I believe in the core value of FLOSS and agile spirit: open minded listening, transparency and co-creation. I'm Marketing Manager at Enalean.

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