Enalean ‘s Open Roadmap: how it works

Enalean 's Open Roadmap is a unique service that provides our customers with a means to collaborate with us closely on the evolution of the Tuleap agile open source tool. This article describes how we collaborate with Open Roadmap member companies with 3 pillars in mind: agility, open innovation and DevOps.



Business needs to achieve Solutions with Enalean's OpenRoadmap
Increase end user empowerment Open RoadmapMember companies pool resources to make Tuleap evolve faster
Continuously providing users with tools they do need Enalean and customers are constantly responsive to, integrating end user ideas


Subscribing to Enalean R&D capacity


Enalean's customers subscribe to our R&D capacity to develop extensions and enhancements:

  • The customer enters a development partnership with Enalean and subscribes to R&D capacity.
  • They express their requests as agile user stories. These user stories are evaluated by using Story Point. A story point does not correspond directly to a man-day capacity. At Enalean, a story point is a relative development unit that enables to "estimate the size" of the feature, according to the needed effort, the complexity of the development and unkown aspects. User Stories evaluation is made by the whole Development Team.
    For example, the integration of Gerrit with Tuleap equaled approximately 80 story points, the integration of Mediawiki approximately 60 story points.
  • On the basis of this evaluation, the customer decides if he wants to invest into this feature.
  • In order to better schedule the allocation of resources and to organize the work efficiently, customers usually subscribe to the Open Roadmap for one year.


Enalean's Agile Approach

Enalean develops Tuleap with an agile approach. To optimize feedback, our goal is to put the evolving product into the hands of the end users as soon as possible, via a MVP (minimum viable product).
Change is part of the deal and is welcome. By definition, the customer can change his mind at any time and alter the priority between user stories, he can add new user stories or stop the development of one feature because what has been done is good enough.



Sharing resources to be more efficient

The Open Roadmap customers crowd-fund software development:

  • Software development in the framework of the Open Roadmap consists of extensions or enhancements to Tuleap. We do not release enhancements for one customer. No specific integration into the customer Information System. No specialized enhancements for a specific industry need. The Open Roadmap's customers are encouraged to share their requests with other customers and with the community. Our experience shows us that the more the requests mature with everyone's feedback, the better they provide value to all end users.
  • The new features are provided through regular Tuleap releases to all users, under the GPL open source license.


Concrete and immediate results

All of our Open Roadmap customers have only positive feedback on this working mode and report complete satisfaction with Enalean services.

"It is actually more fun to have new features every 30 days than waiting for months, years or never.” Domenico A., Product Manager

"Working with Enalean, that's really different for us. That's refreshing in comparison with what we did with proprietary tool vendors." Dominique T., Manager Development tools

About the Author

How great is the challenge of creating economic value for a company with a libre software. I enjoy this! It encourages me to think business and communication in a disruptive way. I believe in the core value of FLOSS and agile spirit: open minded listening, transparency and co-creation. I'm Marketing Manager at Enalean.

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