Fast growing usage of Tuleap at JTEKT, a Toyota company

JTEKT Corporation is a automative system supplier company of the Toyota Group. It provides steering systems of all types: from steering to driveline components, including drive-shafts and hub units with built-in sensors. JTEKT trusts Enalean and Tuleap Enterprise to empower its employees with a Tuleap industry-proven platform.
Timothée TRONCY, Software Engineer, explained the fast growing usage of Tuleap at JTEKT during the last TuleapCon.

Tuleap at Jtekt Group

JTEKT has been using Tuleap from 5 years. Used only by a few number of projects at the beginning, all the projects of the JTEKT Technical Center finally move to Tuleap in Septembre 2015.
Propelled by the final users themselves and the power of "word of mouth", all the R&D projects of the automotive power steering system are now created on Tuleap. But that's not all...

The fast growing usage of Tuleap at JTEKT

Timothée gave us two major reasons to better understand the zeal of the JTEKT employees in working with Tuleap:


"Using the high customization capability of the Tuleap tracking system, we have been able to apply all JTEKT corporate processes: the software projects processes as well as the hardware ones. Now, with Tuleap, we track the R&D software projects but also the JTEKT products' lifecycles."


"We have good feedback. Our users say Tuleap is easy to learn and use. No need to spend time in trainings as it is the case for IBM "heavy" tool."

Before that happened, Timothée remembers:

"Before Tuleap, we tried to imagine our ideal solution. But we realized it was too complexe to use by our numerous partners and because of the important turnover we have. Now, everyone get a workspace that matching to its way of working."

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How great is the challenge of creating economic value for a company with a libre software. I enjoy this! It encourages me to think business and communication in a disruptive way. I believe in the core value of FLOSS and agile spirit: open minded listening, transparency and co-creation. I'm Marketing Manager at Enalean.

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