MIX – IT 2016 – The organic tech conference

Mix-IT the organic tech conference.

“Out with the bad air, in with the good” it’s the feeling one gets coming at mix-it. The variety of talks ranging from penguin feathers development to “agile in pedagogy” can be technical or not but all share a common feeling which is the will to share a passion and an expertise well beyond the “business first” and only aspect of most conferences.

All ages are welcome starting from mix-teen to eighties and more. Add to this some healthy and delicious food plus irresistible crepes among friendly open and curious people and you get a delightful conference. A treasured moment to share and meet while learning and building experience and contacts.

A special treat this year we have been invited for a party at Lyon’s gorgeous town-hall for a unique evening in a luxurious setting.
Lyon’s Magnificent Town hall and Agnes Crepet opening the dances while Manuel Vacelet is being hassled by one of his fans for a selfie in Lyon’s town hall

Mix-IT is a conference that makes sense and puts forward sound values instead of merely following trends or arid business talks.

We were lucky to be part of this year’s list of speakers. Here’s a quick recap from the two days spent in Lyon.

The opening keynote by Christian DEN HARTIGH (@cdenhartigh) was riveting. I can only hope that my daughters will meet a teacher as inspired and inspiring as Christian Den Hartigh as soon as possible in their school life and that many teachers be inspired by him. Here his ANGER PAPER extremely funny and inspirational, you can find a lot by Christian online, do have a look it’s well worth it and if you know teachers, please pass them the info!

 “anger paper: in a crisis crumple violently and throw in a corner”
  The dreadful pitching moment. Since there are four parallel tracks speakers have 30 seconds to pitch their talk and convince people to come. Here Florence CHABANOIS @chabanois, Rui Carvalho @rwhy, Damien CAVAILLÈS @TheDamFr amog others.
Some have winning strategies as you can see below


Nicolas Deverge @ndeverge has a winning strategy offering chocolate eggs to participants 🙂


  Over 600 people in the audience, attentive and benevolent audience


A special thanks to Olivier MY @oyomy who gave me a lift to CPE the first morning with Nicolas VÉRITÉ @nyconyco and Claire Morin @clairemorin


  A lot of talks about new languages and silver bullets 🙂 Here Steve Klabnik @steveklabnik talking about Rust in production


Agnes Crépet @agnes_crepet always happy despite the hard work by all of the team


  Crepes are a focal point of the conference


you can also take the game offline if you want 😉


Rui Carvalho @rhwy focusing on feedback loops, values first and focusing on why before how


  When I say Agnes is always happy


  Marie MANCEAU’s keynote about how feathers are distributed in penguin embrios


Manuel Vacelet‘s @vaceletm talk about how we recruit at Enalean attracted a lot of attention and inspired a captive audience


 In a new surprise talk format, participants had a room name
written on their badge and they had to go in that room to find out one of several random talks. I ended up in a really fundamental talk about how to bring ethics into AI by Nicolas Cointe


 A special mention also to the scopyleft trio, Vincent @vinyll, David @davidbgk and Stephan Do take a  look at their philosophy, work and way of life, you’ll be surprised.


  Idalin Bobé @IdalinBobe calling all technologists to become activists, and to use our knowledge and the power of digital to improve society


wonderful initiative MIXTEEN a huge success with over 50 teens having a lot of fun at programming


and a huge thanks to all the team for organisingthis fifth edition of mix-it


  and of course thanks also to the food team! Delicious crepes and organic local food


If you are still wondering why the organic tech conf, it’s not only about the food, it’s a conference without pesticides nor pests, it’s a conference about fertile values over arid business and people with passion that organize, talk and assist. I was very happy to have taken part and honored having been selected as a speaker to talk about “where’s the reset button in a smart city?” The unintended consequences of a fully digital world and the importance of thinking ahead when developing the software systems that run objects and cities.
Thanks for reading.


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Tuleap & libre Evangelist. Happy to talk about starting positive change with common sense before technology

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