Paris Open Source Summit 2016 feedback

It’s been a great Paris Open source Summit this year.

We had good fun and a lot of work. The experience is well worth the effort. And the effort starts from getting all the material to the stand. Take a look here arriving at Gare de Lyon with well packed and pretty heavy bags lovely carried by Kathleen Manon and myself

Ready to go. Stand in place finalising the 4 talks we gave at #OSSPARIS16 more on the talks later

The great advantage of #OSSPARIS is that you really get to meet great people and have constructive talks and launch projects.


Having a Tuleap demo by Manuel Vacelet is the best. He is our CTO and knows every little secret of Tuleap.


On the stand you don’t get only demos, but also precious tips on how to organise your software engineering projects.


Great moment having had a chance to talk about agile project management with the demo cup students
enalean-screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-11-07-37Definitely a lot of interest on the talk about how Enalean finances the R&D of Tuleap with the OpenRoadmap. When we say Enalean genes are Agile and free software we mean it. With the openroad map we have an agile business model that ensures Tuleap’s present and future.
enalean-screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-11-07-58 enalean-screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-11-08-14


The other talks were on the TECH track where we spoke about modern software engineering and tools, and in the track society we spoke about cybersecurity and free software shaping smart cities.

With ever greater awareness and recognition for the need of libre and open innovation by governments we are building a virtuous digital, libre and inspiring ecosystem.


This is confirmed by positive trends that encourage people to increase libre software projects


Just stay away from the Beaujoulais nouveau!!!

It’s a wrap up, after a really good #OSSPARIS16 looking forward to next years Open source summit.


In the meantime you can always reach us in several ways, Twitter, email, demos and join our webinars


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Tuleap & libre Evangelist. Happy to talk about starting positive change with common sense before technology

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