Quality and efficiency targets reached at Sodern

Sodern, an Airbus Defense and Space subsidiary, develops and builds neutron, optical, and space equipment, fields that create some pretty extreme demands for the company’s software developers.

Sodern implemented Tuleap Enalean’s open source ALM solution with great satisfaction. Pierre-Yves Bretécher, who heads Sodern’s Electronics and Software Engineering Department, told us more about the project.

"Our ALM software had to be open source"

Sodern's objectives

  • Streamline processes across all stakeholders, from the development team, project managers, and business lines to support functions like QA.
  • Access the solution from the Eclipse development environment.
  • Find an ALM tool that is full Open Source.

Sodern's Benefits

  • All projects now managed from a single suite.
  • Quality and efficiency targets reached due to a more modern, easier-to-use application.
  • All project stakeholders can access project schedules and collaborative workspace.

Sodern had been working with an ALM software package since 2011. However, over the past few years, some new ALM vendors have entered the market.

“What interested us the most about Tuleap, was that it is free and open source, crucial to making sure we don’t become dependent on any one vendor or technology,” said Pierre-Yves.

Due to the unique nature of Sodern’s business, the company cannot afford to become dependent on any one software vendor or technology.

“Some of the software we develop ends up on satellites for missions that can last two decades. So, our development and maintenance timeline can be 25 years or more. For us, a license tying us to a particular vendor exposes us to an unacceptable risk—that the vendor will go out of business and the source code will disappear.”

sodern aerospace Tulep success stories

“Enalean understood our challenges”

Sodern had built up three years of data in its former ALM solution. Migrating the data to Tuleap was crucial—it had to be fast and easy.
“I think we spent a total of one day assessing the situation, and another two days installing and configuring Tuleap.” explains the Head of the Software Engineering Department. “That alone is impressive!”

“Our developers can now work together with other project stakeholders”

Sodern’s developers particularly appreciate Tuleap’s powerful tracking feature.

“Tuleap tracking feature? There’s nothing else like it!

"You can track tasks, bugs, and change requests—plus everything is automatically cross-referenced for virtually exhaustive links.”

 Developers can also access the full range of Tuleap’s particularly agile features right from the Eclipse development environment.

“No more back-and-forth between the two interfaces!”

sodern enalean success stories aerospace

"Tuleap can be used for projects other than software"

And, Tuleap is designed for use by both developers and project managers who don’t necessarily have advanced software development knowledge, giving them a comprehensive overview of project status and letting them adjust priorities and complete other tasks.

“Another thing we like is that Tuleap can be used for projects other than software, such as systems modeling and ASIC and FPGA design projects. This lets us work on all of our equipment’s components from a single interface”.

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