Top 5 benefits of being agile with Tuleap for CTOs

1. Get the big picture.

  • Powerful personal dashboard empowers you to spot and solve problems quickly.
  • Simple backlog prioritisation with the agile dashboard.
  • Easily collaborate in realtime on scrum board with a distributed team and with customers.

2. Build the right product.

  • Targeted views for customers and all the team ensure rapid response and simple iterations.
  • Catch errors early on and rapidly correct them.

3. Increase productivity

  • Single entry point to the whole application lifecycle.
  • Easily cross-pollinate the best ideas across teams thanks to project templates.
  • Manage your teams simply. When someone comes aboard or leaves, quickly open or revoke all rights with one click.
  • Deploy a new project with a click. Agile dashboard, Version control Testing and code review all integratedmat.

4. Facilitate collaboration

  • Empower Teams – inspire and engage, provide opportunity for intrinsic motivators: autonomy, mastery and purpose.
  • Think Big, Start Small – have the big vision, but deliver it in small bite-sized pieces.
  • Easily get Feedback from customers and team
  • Simple web interface into past, present and foresee the future.

5. Transition into agility

  • You can configure some projects in waterfall mode and some in agile.
  • Progress at your own pace and switch when ready.

Oh, one more thing. Tuleap is constantly updated.

  • Enalean develops Tuleap in agility. We release new features every month.
  • You can shape the roadmap too thanks to the Open RoadMap


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