Top 5 benefits of Tuleap for Developers

1. You develop easier

  • Get one single platform to version, review, test, release and track changes.
  • Work collaborately with your teammates, wherever they are.
  • Stay in the loop with real-time dashboards and development activity feeds.

2. You develop faster

  • Save time and improve efficiency avoiding manuel work and blurred organization.
  • Extend development workflows with issue management, code reviews and build automation.
  • Centrally manage all repositories and users groups from Tuleap.

3. You develop even better

  • Link automatically your code to tasks or issues, jobs and wiki pages.
  • Define and automate your own development workflow using Git, Jenkins, Gerrit.
  • Catch errors and regressions before they are deployed with regular code review.

4. You get real freedom

  • Choose the source code management tool you are keen of : SVN, Git or CVS.
  • Use the Open APIs and write scripts to link Tuleap to other tools.
  • Leverage access to the all Tuleap source code. Really!

5. You can start in minutes

  • Use ready-to-use tools templates for creating new workspaces in a few clicks
  • Configure your project workspaces and modify things to fit your way of working: tools you need, name and fields of your trackers, user roles, etc.).


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About the Author

How great is the challenge of creating economic value for a company with a libre software. I enjoy this! It encourages me to think business and communication in a disruptive way. I believe in the core value of FLOSS and agile spirit: open minded listening, transparency and co-creation. I'm Marketing Manager at Enalean.

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