Tuleap at CEA List to show good software engineering practices

The CEA is the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission. The LIST Institute carries out research on digital systems: advanced manufacturing, embedded systems, ambient intelligence and ionizing radiation control for health applications. The CEA LIST entrusts Tuleap Enterprise.

François LEFEVRE, Software Engineer, attended the TuleapCon 2015. He presented the usage of Tuleap in the LISE project in the daily laboratory life.

Tuleap for the LISE project : an example of good software engineering practices

Installing a Tuleap platform and encouraging a small team to use it daily, the CEA List wants to take a team of 15-young-people as an example. With Tuleap, it wants to show the latest software engineering good practices, contrary to legacy ones, still in action hither and thither at the CEA.

François explained how Tuleap has been set up in the LISE project:

  • one Tuleap platform with 50 active accounts and 75 projects
  • a large usage of Tuleap tracker for bug management basically
  • Git as the reference tool for source code management. No Subversion. No CVS. No shared files where you have to ask for modifications
  • one Hudson server for continuous integration
  • mediawiki tool for minutes
  • one Gerrit server: project members are encourage to learn the best code review practices.

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