Tutorial: Leverage Tuleap Open Source Agile tools

Agile tools in Tuleap have significantly evolved since our last tutorial “Implement Scrum with Tuleap”.

Easier and better UI for the Scrum tool, new Kanban tool…we are very happy to present you the improvements here. As usual, everything is 100% Libre & Open Source!

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NEW SCRUM UI: In this post, we will particularly focus on the improvements made on the Scrum Tool. But, you’ll appreciate a tool for Kanban too.


NEW KANBAN TOOL: In addition to the Scrum tool, you have now at your disposal a Kanban tool in Tuleap. The Kanban approach is another agile methodology. It allows to organize the charge of work as a flow. Read Matteo’s post to increase your team’s work and productivity with Kanban.


Scrum and Kanban gathered in the Agile Dashboard

If the Tuleap Scrum and Kanban tools are activated and used in your project, you’ll get an overview of your agile tools as below:

A Scrum workspace in one click

Be sure the Agile Dashboard service is activated in the administration of your project.

AUTOMATIC TEMPLATE: Click on the button “Scrum” to start creating your Scrum area. It will automatically import a ready-to-use Scrum template that you will be able to modify afterwards.

The ready-to-use Tuleap Scrum template is structured as below:

3 trackers to manage requests and features. These trackers allow you to collect customers’ needs, to organize them and split into tasks:

Epics tracker
|__ User Stories tracker
|__Tasks tracker

2 trackers to plan work:

Release tracker
|__ Sprint tracker

Easy Backlog and Releases


NEW INTERFACEThanks to the new User Interface of the Tuleap Scrum tool, you can now directly add new user stories and releases.


Release Planning with drag’n drop


Thanks to the Drag’n’Drop you can move your User Stories to the corresponding release.


NEW : Now you can select several artifacts at the same time and move all of them to the same release. To do it : “Ctrl + Click” on the different artifacts to move and “ESC” if you want to cancel the action.

NEW : If you hover your mouse on the artifact ID you can edit it, add a task and a test. All items will be automatically linked to the User Story.

NEW : Clicking on the grey bar below an artifact will display the artifacts linked to the User story above.



NEW : You can move up or move down an artifact according to its priority. Use arrows on the right of the artifact to do it. 


To organize your releases into Sprints, click on Planning.


You can proceed in the same way as the releases planning step.



You can also edit you release and sprints clicking on Edit.


NEW : Even your releases are closed, you can reload them to see what has been done.


Useful search


NEW : To find easily artifacts, you can filter using the search.  Just enter a word or the beginning of a word in the search area. The word is highlighted in yellow to see it better.

E.g. : Searching all the artifacts which contain the word “Sound”.



It’s your turn to Scrum

Once you will have implemented and customized your Scrum area and work with your team, you will have an overview of your project progress. You will have a look at your current release and check the sprints progress thanks to the burndown charts.



Great new features, no?

Now it’s your turn to set up your Scrum tool to manage your projects 😀     Try it          Install

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